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A current business or professional license, or a professional degree is required to open a wholesale account.
  • We ship globally
  • Low minimum orders
  • No annual requirements
  • Low shipping rates
  • Same or next day shipping
  • Educational literature, with directions for use, included with each order
  • Ask a Nutritionist offers complimentary, online support for you and your customers’ hormone related inquiries.

Serenity Organics Bioidentical Progesterone Cream is the superior formula for the following reasons:

  • Since 1995, Serenity Progesterone Cream has always been formulated with bioidentical American-Made Progesterone and is the only cream that does not contain Chinese progesterone .
  • Serenity Progesterone Creams are made with certified non-GMO ingredients
  • Ingredients are all plant-based, therefore, petro-chemical free
  • 90% of the ingredients are either USDA certified Organic or Eco-Cert Approved
  • The preservative in Serenity Creams is Geo-Gard Ultra.  This is the mildest, safe, yet ,still very effective preservative.  It is also Eco-Cert approved
  • Serenity Creams are made with deionized water that is highly purified by reverse osmosis, passing through a final .3 micron filter (the smallest bacteria is .4 micron).  This mineral-free water assures optimal delivery of the active ingredient, progesterone.
  • Serenity Creams are offered in a convenient travel tube and a hygienic Airless Compression Jar which dispenses “just the right amount
  • A 24 hour recommended application gives women the exact amount of progesterone they naturally require (airless compression jar dispenses 1/8th tsp)
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