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Following are unsolicited testimonial letters & a short video from informed women, who since 1995, have chosen Serenity.
While all of them are very touching, one of our favorites is the letter from Karen S. Don’t miss it!
And, last on this page is a letter from Dr. Allen…

Dear David,

I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the recent birth of my son.

I met you via telephone after reading your web page during my fourth miscarriage almost 3 years ago.

Ever since I received my first jar of Serenity two days later, I have lived life without the terribly agonizing symptoms of estrogen dominance, ultimately allowing me the greatest gift in life!

My son, Samuel David, (named after you) is a living testimony as to the validity of your page, and your products, Serenity.

May God bless you as He has my family.


Karen S.
Maryland, U.S.A.

From the Desk of Natalie
Auckland, New Zealand

Dear David and everyone at Serenity for Women,

This could be a fifty page eulogy of thanks, but I shall try to keep it brief and to the point.

I am 26, and have suffered murderous PMS for years. Until a friend of my mother’s rang me to say that there was one final possible solution that I may not be aware of. This was after going to the best endocrine specialists in the country, who had given me the charming options of either:

  • an estrogen patch ” Climara ” to put on the 2 weeks before my period ” I tried this and of course things became unbearable ” bloating, pain, terrible mood swings and very flat and tired all the time, all month round.

  • to take Prozac ” even though I am not depressed and haven’t been, and my PMS moodiness only ever occurred during the 2 weeks prior to my period

  • have a GNRH analog, to basically switch off my hormones and make my menopausal “and I am only 26.

That was all the doctors in this country would offer me. I felt I was on the verge of going insane. Until that phone call. I got hold of some Serenity, and no kidding, that day I started to feel better.

Now it has been over 6 months since I began using your cream, and I have to say it is as close to a miracle as I have ever experienced.

I have referred it to ALL my female friends and family for similar reasons – if ever I could endorse a product that changed my life it is this, Serenity.

Every SINGLE symptoms has virtually gone. I am calm month round, I am full of beans, I have no pain, no massive fights with my long-suffering boyfriend, and my whole outlook on life has been transformed.

So this is really a thank you letter. I have sent one to Dr. Lee as well.

I am here to pass on my heart felt thanks, X1,000,000 for creating a product of such high quality, that is also cruelty free and basically such a beautiful moisturizer, with the ultimate value of having my beloved progesterone in it as well.

Who could ask for anything more!

I look after myself in terms of diet (vegetarian, and mainly organic and unprocessed food), exercise – just a daily walk with my dog – and generally keeping tabs on stress levels.

But overall, Serenity deserves the credit. I have never been happier about life – at last I feel free of the shackles that were landing my to my biology and am free to be a woman who radiates serenity in every sense!


I am online at Nat*** if ever you wish to contact me for any reason, or if I can ever be of assistance in promoting your cream. Word of mouth is a great thing – now we have to try to educate these doctors on the real causes of estrogen dominance and its related symptoms and causes.

I am a regular visitor to your web site, and this will not change.

I always dreamed there would be a cream that would be the magic potion – and presto! Now I’ve found it!

Never will I be a slave to PMS again!

Sincerely, and gratefully,

from Natalie
Auckland, New Zealand


I don’t know where to begin. I had to E-mail you to tell you, and anyone else that’s willing to listen, just how wonderful Serenity for Women is. It has given me back “me”. The “me” I haven’t been in years. The “me” my husband, family and friends all use to know until menopause entered my life.

I have been going through menopause for almost 5 years now. I started into menopause at the early age of 33. So early, that my family doctor refused to even run tests that could determine if I had an actual complaint or if it was just my inability to cope with life. (The latter being his guess as to what the real problem was.)

By age 35, I had lost all interest in sex, except for a few days just before my period. But I was so bloated and uncomfortable that I just couldn’t get into the mood. My poor hubby, God bless him for being a wonderful man who tried to make sense out of his “crazy” wife. Mood swings started to become uncontrollable. I could feel myself become more angry and anxious as a day progressed but could not talk myself out of it any longer. Finally, at age 36 the hot flashes started and the tests showed that I was indeed menopausal. But my hormone levels were different each month and once again, my doctor was very hesitant about treating the problem with anything stronger than “take a Midol, stay away from stress and those lady magazines and drink plenty of water to help the bloating”.

At 37 the night sweats and horrible mood swings started to effect my job. I wasn’t sleeping because I would awake at least 1 or 2 times a night drenched with sweat. Some nights I’d lie there freezing instead of changing into something dry because I didn’t want wake my husband again. I deal with people every day as an Activities Rep. for one of the largest businesses in our area. I just couldn’t deal with the people anymore. I’d break down crying at least once a month at work and I’m not a crier.

My life was a mess! My husband and I became distant. Every time he did something to try and help, I’d get so guilt tripped I would start a fight over nothing. He learned to just sit back and try to make the best of it. My two teenage sons and I were drifting apart because I was acting like a “nervous, crabby old lady”. My mother thought that she had become a bother because of my inability to deal with her problems with the love and understanding we had always shared. My dream job turned into a nightmare. I really hated who I had become. I hated how I was hurting those around me. And there just didn’t seem to be any help!

Serenity saved me. I opened the booklet and read it. I scooped out 1/8 of a teaspoon and rubbed it on my belly. I put a dab on my wrists and rubbed that in also. As the day went by and night drew in, not one hot flash happened. Before bed, I rubbed a tiny dab on my wrists again and slept like a baby. My hubby reached across the bed in the morning, noticed the linens were dry and asked me what time I left the bed last night to sleep in the other room. I smiled and announced I slept right here and not one hint of a hot flash all night.

We laughed, because both of us knew it was not possible for something to work that fast, it was too silly. Everyday I rubbed in my 1/8 teaspoonful somewhere on my body. Everyday was the same, still not one hot flash, and I was happy and in control! If I happened to feel a headache coming on, I’d rub in a tiny bit on my temples and “voila”, no headache.

About 17 days had passed and I was feeling wonderful. My family and job were doing great. I even had people ask me if I had gone on vacation because I was so silly and peppy again. But my sex drive was still not there. I thought that I was asking too much of a product. After all, it has given me so much of “me” back. Could I or should I even expect Serenity to do that too?

The days passed and my period came. It was a normal 5 day, healthy flow, with no cramps. I haven’t had a regular period in 2 years and when I would get it, it would be here a day and gone, back 2 days later or not, totally irregular.

On the 21st day or should I say the 20th night, I had the most sexy, passionate, erotic dream of all time.  I told my hubby about it and we stayed in bed a little longer that morning!! And have been having a lot of late mornings and early afternoons and late nights. Well, I think you get my drift. My libido is just fine again. It’s been such a long time gone, my husband and I are like newlyweds again. Our boys even tease us about all the kissing as of late. So I guess

Serenity even fixed that. This was a very long letter but Serenity fixed 5 years worth of the ills. I could have said a lot more. Consider yourself lucky that your not one of my friends that I keep bragging you up to. They will be calling soon, I see the signs.

Thanks doesn’t say enough:

Barbara Agle, New York State

P.S. You’ve got a wonder product there!

Paul Agle (husband)

Dear Health & Science,

I want to congratulate you on the production of Serenity for women, Natural Progesterone Cream.

Although I had tried many other “natural progesterone” creams in the past, Serenity for women has been, by far, the most effective, consistent, and reliable one for the symptoms I was experiencing.

It has virtually stopped my hot flashes, eliminated the pain and swelling I had from cystic breasts, and even stabilized my moods!

Truly, this one product has made this time of my life much smoother and easier. I wish I had it 20 years ago!

On behalf of my husband and myself, a hearty, Thank You!

Yours Truly,

Sandra T.
Registered Nurse,
Naturopathic Doctor
New Hampshire, U.S.

Dear Health Science:

I just wanted to say thank you beyond thank you for your progesterone cream, Serenity. It has made a major difference in that I have experienced only mild headaches compared to my full blown migraines during my monthly cycles.

Before I found out about this cream I had visited, over the past four years, 4-5 doctors, a nutritionist, an acupuncturist and read countless books & articles trying to find an answer to my problems. Only one doctor took the time to help me but still did not find the problem. He helped me with the correct diet and exercise as well as put me on some homeopathic remedies.

But after a year of that I still was having headaches. Sometimes they were so bad I would scream for help and bang my head against the wall. I would vomit for sometimes 24 hours at a time. One doctor told me to “meditate” for my headaches, that I would have to just live with it after I spent over $1,000 in testing he ordered, which I am still paying off because I have no insurance!

My mother had read one of Dr. Lee’s books on progesterone and suggested I do the same. I did. I was so completely absorbed in what he was saying because his book explained all the symptoms I was having and why. I read the entire book in just 3 days! After that I began searching the Internet on progesterone and found your WebSite.

Walla! I finally found my brass ring!

There just are no words to describe how grateful I am to Serenity for making such a wonderful product and to Dr. Lee. I know the product is just what it claims to be because my husband and I manufacture our own personal line of sports nutrition products which are of the highest pharmaceutical quality. We know what to look for in a good nutritional or health product. If you don’t get noticeable results then the product is just a waste of money.

Sincerely and Happily,

Jeri B.

Dear Health & Science

I am 54 and have been using Serenity Progesterone Cream for over 3 years now.

Recently, I had my first bone density test. I was very scared because I had a number of risk factors for osteoporosis. The results of my test?

Bones of a 25 year old!

My Doctor had never seen such a high rating for someone my age.

I am amazed!

Barbara M.
Maine, U.S.

Dear Health & Science,

I used the Serenity cream for over four months after I was diagnosed with abnormal Endometrial cells.

My Doctor insisted I get a hysterectomy. His reasoning that I was 48 years old, had three children, no plans for more and the cells could end up cancerous. I told him I wanted to use the cream for a few months and then have another biopsy. He became quite angry with me saying “Why don’t you just do what I say?!” and he went on to say that the cream could not be regulated and would not help me.

Before the biopsy this first doctor had recommended HRT for me.

Needless to say, I switched to another doctor.  When I investigated on the internet I found out about Serenity.  I used it for over 4 months and then my new doctor did a D&C.  She said we will try it but 95% of the cases are the same – but maybe we will have a miracle.

Well, we did – my cells were all 100% normal.

So I am very grateful to Serenity Creams.

I would have had an unnecessary operation if I had not investigated and took charge of my own health. And by the way, I always put my situations in God’s hands and this was an answer to my prayers.

Thank you

Sheila Simons
Van Nuys,
California, USA

Dear Health & Science,

A lot of women today are searching for alternatives to estrogen replacement.  I was one of those women. In my search I learned A LOT.

Get a copy of the book by Dr. John Lee, MENOPAUSE: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You. You’ll get the gist of what the alternative health care MD’s are offering.  Simply put, it’s topical natural progesterone cream and soy in your diet.

I tried many natural progesterone creams and settled on SERENITY for the following reasons:

  1. It contains 2.1% (per 2.1 oz jar) USP grade, American-made, natural progesterone from soy…verified at an independent laboratory that specializes in natural hormones.  This is more than other progesterone creams and therefore it is the most cost effective.
  2. The carrier (cream base) is heavenly and absorbs quickly and effectively (I find that I prefer it to my most expensive facial cremes!)
  3. The product comes with a booklet explaining the advantages and progesterone dosage to be used for different conditions.

  4. Product support is available from the company, either by phone or e-mail.

  5. IT WORKS !! I had 2 bone scans, 13 months apart. The first was before I used SERENITY. That one showed that I had Osteopenia, (fore-runner to full-blown Osteoporosis in several areas of my back. The second bone scan showed that I had increased my bone density in these areas and no longer was heading toward osteoporosis!!!

  6. It cleared up my foggy mind and improved my concentration.

  7. It eliminated my night sweats and insomnia.

There are many progesterone creams on the market making many claims, but this one delivers!

Women are looking for answers to the challenges of aging and this is a remarkable one!

Thank you for this fine product.

Most Sincerely,

Marge B.
South Carolina, U.S.A.

Arizona, USA October 15, 1996

Health & Science

Dear Friends at Health Science,

Thank you for your great service and delivery of the Serenity Progesterone cream.

This product has really taken off with my patients. I am seeing a lot of good results from the patients in just over two weeks. The most common report of benefit is with the women’s menstrual cycles – PMS & cramping. Problems with fatigue are clearing up.

The most notable is a 54-year-old female who has gone through menopause and was advised to take estrogen therapy. She has about a 50% improvement in her symptoms to date and has a new outlook about her health.

I have been practicing Chiropractic for 16 years in Arizona. My main thrust is the spinal adjustment. I have never been that involved in the marketing of nutritional, sports or therapeutic adjuncts in my practice. My own experiences with my health have forced me to educate myself, and now my patients, as to the need for proper nutrition, exercise, mental and spiritual well-being as the balance for maintaining one’s health.  Most of us know that our food chain in America has been raped to the point of complete ruin in regard to mineral and vitamin content.

In my own research, I can show where medical and scientific research as far back as 1936 was giving health warnings that due to the petro-chemicalization of farming, our food was severely lacking in nutrients for life. It is no wonder that our health is in such sad shape.

The Serenity cream is one positive step in the rebalancing of proper body function, especially in women.

I have to tell you about my own experience. After our last phone conversation, in which you told me about the Serenity Cream helping with arthritic pain and conditions, I had to try it myself. For the past eight years, I’ve had the dreaded “chiropractor’s back”. This is severe pain and discomfort in the lower thoracic and upper lumbar spine. I must admit that I’ve been in denial with it, until now. I have applied the Serenity Cream over the area (only about an eighth of a teaspoon) for the last two weeks. After one application, almost half the pain was gone. Within a week, I was able to get the area adjusted without fighting or guarding the area, in other words, I can now relax in that area.

To date, I am still seeing 80 to 100 patients per day, three days a week, and able to get a good night’s sleep without waking up in severe back pain. I know that the progesterone and the herbs used are adrenal gland stimulants for the production of the cortricosteroids and that they will help to take out the inflammation in arthritic joints.


Thanks again for your help and information you’ve sent me about your product.

Daniel F. Allen, D.C.

Dear Health Science,

I am writing to report my experience with your Serenity Progesterone Cream, which I began using this past spring for menopausal symptoms. I used the cream for a little over two months and began to get relief from hot flashesinsomnia, and other problems.

In June, my hormone levels were tested and the progesterone level was within normal range (i.e., well above menopausal range). However, about that time my husband visited the U.S. and while there he mistakenly picked up another brand of progesterone cream for me (ProGest), so I began using it in mid-June. Within a few weeks I began having my menopausal symptoms again, and returned to the gynecologist for another hormone test.

The results amazed me! My progesterone level had dropped by about 40 percent while I was using the ProGest cream my husband had bought me!!

As you know, I have reordered a supply of the Serenity Cream, and do not intend to accept any substitutes in the future.

Thanks very much for this very helpful product.

Very truly yours,

Helen Medlin